A never-give-up spirit


To be honest, I do not want to write I am taking IELTS.
Because probably I cannot take a good score that I hope so I feel ashamed a bit about that.
But maybe there are a lot people feeling like this and I try to encourage myself, finally I decide to write about it.

Actually I had learnt English for 8 years before I came to London at junior high school, high school and college where I majored in English literature, but I was not so enthusiastic,
Moreover I was busy going out with friends.

Also I have never experienced the very famous highly competitive entry exam for entering University in Japan. Instead of that I took a recommended entry at college which was took place by a professor’s interview.
I’ve been to New Zealand and the United States for 2 months respectively, but in New Zealand I was always with another Japanese friends talking in Japanese,
But maybe the experience staying in the U.S. that I stayed with the native families helped me, although it was more than 10 years ago.

After all this is the first time I have leant English properly.

Thanks to a lot of friends whom I knew here, now the situation is much better than before, but still I do not have confidence about my English.
A lot of people said to me that my English improved a lot, and I think there is no trouble in my daily life, but in the test, we need the accurate understanding about grammar.

As a reference, my TOEIC score which I took more than 10 years ago was 670 that is very lower level.
Always I regret not to have studied seriously at school, but there is nothing to do more.
I think my sense of inferior complex comes from my husband.
He graduated from very famous university, always thinks the things logically. He once got a TOEIC score 840, compared with him, I always cannot beat him.

Now I have studied English for IELTS a lot, but a few months ago, my level was much worse than now.
I can finish the reading test within 1 hour, sometimes I manage to get an acceptable score that are set up.

All I can do is to do my best.

As I write this, I feel much better now.
I think a lot of people are struggling with IELTS, but a never-give-up spirit helps us a lot.
Hang in!!!!