What is my identity??


First of all, it is very important to discreibe myself that I am a woman.

The reason for woman is that I was born as a woman. Regardless I have an intention, I am a woman. I think the background of this idea is from my culture. My parents often said to me to behave like a lady, such as moderate speaking, elegant attitude and so on. I am not sure I can behave like that, but I always try to act woman-like.

On the other hand, I felt discriminated because of a woman from time to time. When I worked as an office worker, a guy came to the reception for some claim. First of all, he spoke to me calmly, but gradually he became excited and finally he said, "That’s why women are stupid" and he demanded to talk to a man who were person in charge. I thought that was a pointless, but this kind of discrimination sometime happens. But I never mind.

On the contrary, I can get advantages because of a woman. As I worked as a lawyer, some clients asked me some work due to a woman. They said that women usually work much harder and more accurate than men. I am not sure it is correct, but I believe a fact always has 2 aspects, advantage and disadvantage. I try to look at a benefit aspect.