Affected relationship by using technology


Regarding to using Facebook, Tweeter, and other social networking systems, relationship between people becomes thinner, and a lot of people do not care for how people think.

People can become friends, even though they do not know each other directly.

It becomes very easy to find the people who have the same hobby, idea, ideology though the Internet for developing from a website that provides friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

Also, it is possible to live a life without communicating with people because a person can learn, work, buy something, get delivery, and use Internet Banking or a credit card.

People do not know who is a neighbor living in the next door.

There is no need to contact with people face-to-face.

In contrast, when I was a child, my parents often said to me I had to care about the situation where the person whom I wanted to contact stays at that moment.

Through those kinds of experiences, I have learned common sense.

In my opinion, people communicate using not only words but also an attitude.

I mean communication means direct relationship.

For example, I can understand it is not his real intention looking at his face expressing angry even though he says "I am OK."

But it is very difficult to identify his emotion in the Internet because only words appear on the screen.

People cannot perceive the emotion of a counterpart without their appearance.

People develop their identity by communicating with others, but nowadays those opportunities are loosing very rapidly.

Nevertheless, using the Internet becomes very convenient because I do not care time, place and occasion so much.

I can contact with the person whom I want to access anytime I want.

Also it is easy to interact with people living far away immediately.

In conclusion, we should admit the advantage using technology, but not focus on only that.