How do I identify myself?


I am a open-minded, positive, enthusiastic person.

Of course I feel a lot of difficulties in my life from time to time,

but it is waste of time that I regret my behaviours and get angry.

But to characterize like that is not an easy way.

Because I was a spoiled child due to I am a baby sister.

My two brothers are 10 years and 8 years older than I.

When I was born, my parents were 35.

Even I do not study, they didn’t care, and my Mom often told me that I did not study hard and just lived a life faithfully not against legal and humanity.

Thanks for those advices, I am a bright child, but not a smart one.

In Japanese society, it is very high competitive to enter a good university that everybody admires, but fortunately I could enter a college without a paper test. I did not have any intention to enter a good university.

Instead of the paper test, I took an interview from a professor, and it is called a recommended admission.

After graduation, I could enter a Japanese bank as an office worker when I was 20.

Looking back my past, I was so lucky, and maybe my character developing from the affection of my parents helped me a lot.

I enhance open-minded, positive character by the time when I was 20.

After 4 years work, I quitted a job because I got married.

It was common that a woman stop working after getting married in Japan.

I also did so without any doubt, but I think nowadays the working environment has changed, and many women still keep working after their marriage.

Anyway I felt bored at home staying all day since I became a housewife so that I would decide to study the law.

I hadn’t complained not studying in my previous life, but I realized that it is necessary to study the law to keep my life safely in the society.

There is so much trouble these days about the property, the inheritance, the conflict and the right.

I would like to avoid social problems as much as I can.

Then I started to study the law, but it was so much difficult to learn them at first.

The textbook was written in Japanese, but I could not understand it a bit.

At that time, I really regretted not learning seriously, but there’s nothing started to regret so that I studied so hard.

After concentrated three years study, I could pass the exam to become a lawyer.

Though this experience, I did learn to study seriously, and to learn something is enjoyable as well as a development my identity.

Then my enthusiastic character is made up.

In conclusion, there are various ways to know myself, and I always find out my identity though my experience.

Also it is important to communicate with people who are from different countries to evolve our identity more.