How other people identify yourself?


Currently I work as a receptionist at an organization which provides some services for immigrants.

In the future, I would like to work at a law farm to develop my legal knowledge, but I need to improve my English first.

One day, a colleague asked me why I am always calm and handle work gently under a busy situation.

I work as a receptionist so that there are phones and inquiries directly at the same time happening.

Under those situations, some people are annoyed, and stressed too much, but I don’t feel that kind of emotion.

Because though the experience about an office worker and a lawyer, I get used to being patient, and I believe my emotion transmit to others.

If I feel I do not like that person, he or she also does not have affection to me.

Because my feeling stimulate my attitude, I act unkindness without my notice.

Even though I am busy, I try to keep smiling, and if I cannot handle quickly as they hope, I simply apologize for the situation, and ask to wait.

I know that management keep people calm, still some people get angry, but there is nothing to do more than that.

I always try to do my best so that I would not care even if people express their anger to me.

When people see my attitude, some people think that I am patient and kind.

It is a great honor.

But sometimes the other people feel that I have the lack of will and a subjective opinion.

I never mind how people identify me, of course I am so happy people feel affection to me though.

In conclusion, I actually do not know how people identify me.

I hope people understand me as a tolerant person, but if not I never mind.

"Never mind" spirit help our communication smoothly.