The job I was doing and may do.


The favorite type of job as a sihoushosi-lawyer was about the matter of a commercial field such as setting up a company, changing a business structure, increasing a company’s capital especially for small business owners.

The reason is that I myself was a self-employed, and there was a no employee, and I did not have enough time and resources.

Especially, the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for 90% of Japanese business establishments, so I have never struggled to manage my office on my own.

In SMEs field, there are many business opportunities.

As a lawyer, I handled property, debt, individual troubles, but I preferred to deal with a commercial matter.

Because in general, those people who manage their business are enthusiastic, energetic, and ambitious.

I also feel motivated whenever I meet those.

Focusing on the wave of recent globalization, presumably a lawyer who speaks English is needed more.

For the future aim, I reckon that now is the turning point, and I am hoping to help people with an interest in business in Japan.

But it is always important that I take it all in my stride.